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Make the life changing call today

Make the life changing call today

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Low-Cost Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana



Everybody deserves to have peace of mind when they chose to come to Mexico to change their lives through weight loss surgery. This insurance policy will cover you against any unforeseen situation or additional expenses during your medical procedure and your stay in Mexico.

At Bariatric Mexico Surgery, your health and financial security are the number one priority. It is for that reason we now providing insurance coverage to all patients at no additional cost. Because we care about your health and financial security, this insurance coverage will make your Bariatric Surgery Experience a Safe, Comfortable and Happy Weight Loss Journey!

**Restrictions Apply

**Age of Acceptance 18 to 65 years old

What is medical tourism, and how does it work?

Medical tourism is defined as the process of traveling outside of your country for the purpose of medical or cosmetic treatment. The number of people choosing to go to another country for their medical treatment or for cosmetic surgery is increasing, and this is thanks to the key advantages that medical tourism can offer.

  • The main reasons that people choose medical treatment abroad include:

  • Their chosen medical service is not available in their own country
  • Their treatment is too expensive for their health insurance to cover the full cost
  • International travel is relatively affordable and straightforward, and many people combine their medical or cosmetic procedure with a vacation
  • Better communication (websites, social media) means that it is easier to find and contact reputable clinics in other countries

Unfortunately, the costs of many medical and cosmetic surgery treatments in the United States is outside of a standard patient’s budget. However, the low costs in other countries, such as here in Mexico, plus lower costs of insurance and administration, means that we are able to offer the same, high-quality and experienced care at a fraction of the price. Surgeries here in Mexico can be anything from 30% to 80% cheaper than those performed in the United States.

Cash Prices (Medical Tourism Insurance Included in all Surgery Packages)
Discount Pricing Shown Below, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY

Surgeries Dr. Fernando Garcia Govea Hospital Stay Hotel Stay
Sleeve Gastrectomy and Plication $4580 2 Nights 1 pre-op/ 2 post-op
Single Incision Sleeve $5,620 2 Nights 1 pre-op/ 2 post-op
RNY/Bypass and Mini Bypass $6,500 3 Nights 1 pre-op/ 2 post-op
Duodenal Switch $7,950 3 Nights 1 pre-op/ 2 post-op
LAP-BAND® $5,000 1 Night 1 pre-op/1 post-op
LAP-BAND Removal® $3.750 1 Night 1 pre-op/ 1 post-op
Additional Charge for Patients with HIV, Hep B or C $1,035
Revision Surgery Fee
(in addition to new surgery)
Previous Surgery Laparoscopic $535
Previous Bypass Surgery Laparoscopic $835
Previous Bypass Surgery Open $1,335
Previous Surgery Open Incision $1,035
LAP-BAND® Revision
(if band is still in place)

*(US cash price)
*There is an additional charge for patients with a BMI over 49:

49.1 - 59.9 additional $535

60.0 - 69.9 additional $1,035

70.0 - 79.9 additional $1,535

80.0 or over, contact patient coordinator

Will my procedure still be carried out by a qualified, experienced professional?

We always advise patients to do thorough research into their choice of treatment center and surgeon, regardless of whether they are having work carried out in their home country or are turning to medical tourism. Things to check for include their qualifications, training and experience.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our experience, and provide a range of recommendations from satisfied patients.

If you would like to find out more about our surgeons – Dr. Garcia Govea and Dr. Pasten - please check out their individual pages in the “About Us” section of our website, where we provide a comprehensive look at their education, training and experience.

The life-changing benefits of bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery may be a serious medical procedure, but it is one that can transform every aspect of your life. Not only can you start to embrace a slimmer silhouette, but your health and emotional well-being will also benefit. Here are some of the key benefits of weight loss surgery.

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Long-term, sustainable results
  • Improved emotional health, including relief from depression, mood swings and poor self-esteem
  • Better personal relationships
  • The ability to take part in activities that once weren’t possible due to weight and size restrictions
  • Better overall health and wellbeing
  • Long-term remission for Type II diabetes
  • Reduction/elimination of the symptoms of sleep apnea
  • Relief from joint inflammation and pain from osteoarthritis
  • Improved fitness and cardiovascular health
  • Improved fertility
With so many benefits, it is easy to see why so many people are now turning to bariatric surgery as a kick-start procedure to weight loss and a healthier, happy lifestyle.


We understand the importance of cost transparency when it comes to planning your medical treatments. To give our patients the best possible value for money, the quotation you will receive for your surgery will include:

  • All ground transportation
  • All pre-and post-operative testing
  • Hospital costs
  • Medical fees
  • Pre-operative medications if required
  • Post-operative medications including pain relief
  • Post-operative medical counseling, and any nutritional/dietary support on an ongoing basis
  • Hotel fees
  • Meals provided in our facility (for patient only, not accompanying guest)

We structure our prices as this package, so that our patients have the benefit of no hidden costs or unexpected charges.

Medical Tourism Insurance

Your safety is our priority, and every patient deserves to have peace of mind when choosing to visit our facility for their life-changing weight loss surgery. For this reason, we are delighted to offer medical tourism insurance up to $5000 included in every surgery package – at no additional cost to patients*. This will help to protect you in the event that an unforeseen situation or additional expenses arise.

Patients choosing revision surgery

Please be aware that if you are visiting us for revision surgery, an additional pre-operative fee may be payable that is not included in the quoted price. Please enquire about this with us during your consultation, or during your initial contact with our center.


Citerra Finance
Med financing
Credit financing
United Medical Credit

Citerra Finance will finance your surgery and provide you with compensation for travel expenses and additional money needed for your stay in Mexico!

** Airfare is not included in the price of our affordable bariatric surgery procedures. It is important to ask our Tijuana office coordinator about costs and pricing when scheduling your appointment, so they can verify the correct amount that you will be required to pay for your procedure.

Please review our REFUND POLICY.

Why choose Bariatric Mexico Surgery?

At Bariatric Mexico Surgery, your safety is our priority. Our renowned surgeons have invested a great deal of time in finding the safest and most effective treatments possible for our patients. This means that you can relax knowing that you are in the care of experienced and highly knowledgeable specialists who perform surgeries with the latest equipment and safest techniques.

Your surgery will be performed in our modern, fully equipped and staffed hospital facility which is fully equipped with the latest tools and technology used in bariatric and cosmetic surgery.

  • We have our very own laboratory and radiology department, meaning no long waits for results. We also have cutting edge fluoroscopy equipment coming to our facility in the near future.
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU’s) with full certification.
  • Supremely comfortable, home-from-home accommodations for you and a support partner if you wish for someone to accompany you during your time in our care. Each patient suite includes a comfortable futon, cable TV, Wi-Fi and free international calls to the U.S. and Canada.
  • Convenient, safe location in close proximity to the local tourist area which includes hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions.
  • We are pleased to announce that we have plans for our very own on-site cafeteria underway.

If you would like to get started on your weight loss transformation journey, call our office today to schedule a no obligation consultation (844) 669-5400.